We work with change. Changes in regulations, environment, markets and people. We embrace, orchestrate and control them.




TH GROUP started in 2007, delivering senior project management and project advisory.  Since 2009 senior advisory concerning information security, risk and compliance is also part of the major services offered. We also offer other competencies such as enterprise architects, business analysts, vendor selection advisory et cetera.


Our clients are mainly from the financial sector, and include companies such as Länsförsäkringar, Folksam, Förenade Liv, Salus Ansvar and Entercard.




We firmly believe in predictable results. We combine our own vast experience with best practice. We put a lot of effort in describing what we will deliver, and at what cost. For this reason we prefer a Fixed Price whenever possible. For you as a client a fixed price mean a transfer of risk from you to us, and you will have a business partner with a strong incentive to deliver promptly.




Seeing the future as more important than the past, our CSR initiatives focuses on children and teens in distress. We sponsor organizations who’s purpose is to help children that find school difficult, have parents with drug problems, or teens wich have drug problems themselves. Our employees also have the possilibity to get help if the consider themselves having drug problems.


We also activility support the organization Missing People, where our employees are encuraged to participate in search missions for missing people.


Our footprint in mother earth might seem tiny, but they are important to us and to those close to us. We are conscious about the climate, healthy natural food and stressful jobs. Whenever we can make a difference, we do.









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